Take it to the bridge

What you think; you attract. What you feel; you create. What you imagine; you become.

Permalink This project feels like it takes a sneaky peek behind that media curtain of political correctness.  Based in Canada, artist Jon Rafman (www.jonrafman.com or @jonrafman) captures the scenes that Google Street View didn’t intend for you to see in his project ‘The Nine Eyes of Google Street View’.
Permalink I have a bit of a thing for artists who have the ability to paint with photo-like clarity. LA-based artist Jeff Ramirez is one outstanding example where you really have to look closely to work out whether his work is a photo or a painting. Beautiful. 
Permalink Determination, perseverance and talent (oh…and time!).
Artist - Miguel Endara - from Miami, Florida - created an 11 x 17 inch portrait of his father using the painstaking method of stippling (dotting using a 0.2mm nib and ink). After approximately 11 months (or 210 hours and 3,213,000 dots), Miguel completed the stunning portrait by hand. 
You can find other examples of his stunning work here
Permalink Vignette photo inked. 
Adele ~ ‘Rolling in the deep’
Permalink This feels like one of those projects I can’t help feeling a little bit morbid for liking - but I was instantly taken in by the contrast between the vivid colours Disney is loved for and the darker concepts behind the prints.
French photographer Thomas Czarnecki's eerie yet intriguing new project sees several Disney heroines meeting their demise. Well-known characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and The Little Mermaid are shown face down in this series of beautiful photographs as the audience is literally left wondering just what happened instead of that 'happily ever after'. 
Permalink I love installations that pop up around London and make you sit up and take note as a commuter.
Scottish artist, Robert Montgomery's latest art installation featuring poetry covered billboards focusing on 'Capitalism' and the 'Occupy' movement has landed in Old Street (opposite the Magistrate's Court), London as part of his new exhibition entitled 'It turned out this way cos you dreamed it this way.


So when you feel like trying again, reach out take my hand see how great it could be,

To fall in love with someone you can trust, who would never give up, cause your all that he needs.

JLS - ‘Take a Chance’

Permalink New Michael Pinsky installations in London


Dotted around London are several new art installations by Michael Pinsky as part of his new Plunge series.

‘Pinsky looks ahead to 3012 to show us where the height of the oceans will sit if nothing is done to stop it… he hasn’t half brightened up some of London’s monuments!’

Every night I remember that evening
The way you looked when you said you were leaving
The way you cried as you turned to walk away
The cruel words and the false accusations
The mean looks and the same old frustrations
I never thought that we’d throw it all away
But we threw it all away
And I’m a little bit lost without you
And I’m a bloody big mess inside
And I’m a little bit lost without you
This aint a love song this is goodbye

Scouting for Girls ~ ‘This A’int a Love Song’


The Little People Project...

Little people project

I am certainly guilty of forgetting the little things in life. More often than not, these are precisely the little things that are able to entice a smile on a cloudy day - and so it did :-)

The project has been around for a while now but is definitely one that doesn’t deserve to be forgotten.

'The Little People Project' is both a street art installation and photography project by UK-based artist Slinkachu¬†which ‘plays with the notion of surprise’ and ‘aims to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings’.

Permalink Amazing talent.
‘Pavement artist Joe Hill was commissioned to draw the scene to celebrate the release of a Hollywood film Man on a ledge’.